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Chartered in 1997, the Space Solar Power Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational corporation, organized in the public interest to educate the public about Space Solar Power and the clean baseload energy transformation which defines why, when and how SSP must be built.   Contributions are tax-deductible. It works with many friends, partners, donors and volunteers in a continuing effort to understand  how to design, initiate, finance, market, build, deliver, support, operate, and maintain a Space Solar Power System for the world baseload energy market. Its working committees direct these activities through professional workshops and various conferences.  Let's build it!!

The Space Solar Power Workshop at Georgia Tech has been a primary technical focus; webspace provided courtesy of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering Department.  Its editorial content is solely the responsibility of the group and module authors, the webmaster and The Space Solar Power Institute.

Executive Director: Darel Preble
Space Solar Power Institute
Chair, Wireless Power Transfer: Greg Durgin
Georgia Institute of Technology, ECE

Director, Energy Economics: Gail Tverberg

Co-chair, Wireless Power Transfer: Manos Tentzeris
Georgia Institute of Technology, ECE

Chair, Photovoltaics:  Henry Brandhorst
Co-chair, Wireless Power Transfer: Naoki Shinohara
Kyoto University, RISH

Co-chair, Photovoltaics: Dale Ferguson
Co-chair, Wireless Power Transfer: Frank Little
Texas A&M, SERC

Occasionally commercial or proprietary products;  hardware, software, services, and/or technologies may be mentioned, implicitly or explicitly, in SSPW files or modules or any other implied or specific advertisements. These do not imply any endorsement of these products or services by the Space Solar Power Institute,  the Georgia Institute of  Technology, or any other affiliated public or private body or person.
Regardling donations, we currently adhere to the privacy and service policies of our transfer agent, Google Checkout:
The  SSPI's purpose is  to educate and identify for our readers the tools and technologies available to accomplish our end goal - understanding how to deliver the cleanest, most environmentally sustainable, competitively-priced baseload electric energy possible.

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